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– With 2% nicotine
– Child lock
– Modern design
– Up to 600 Puffs
– Ready for immediate use
– Easy to use
– Sustainable through recycling
– Authentic fruity taste

You’ve never held such melons in your hand…um…on your tongue!
The women are confused, the men have probably already drifted off into the middle of their head cinema. It’s all about the legendary SALT SWITCH LIMITED with an icy melon taste. Admittedly, this e-cigarette is a pleasurable pleasure as it sends a refreshing shiver down your spine while your taste buds enjoy the intense sweetness. The vape pen has really earned its elegant silver aluminum alloy!

Imagine: You bite into a juicy, ice-cold honeydew melon. An indescribably fruity fragrance mixes with the mild summer breeze. Your hammock gently rocks back and forth. And suddenly you get goosebumps. Your senses are refreshed like never before. Nothing less awaits you with SALT SWITCH LIMITED Lush Ice

No other e-cigarette runs so smoothly!
As a self-confessed vaper, you know it: Your vape device demands constant attention. Battery empty, then refill liquid and finally it tastes strange because the coil has passed its peak of life. It’s really annoying – especially when you’re on the go.

With SALT SWITCH you always have a classy vape stick of only 10 cm at hand. Thanks to the closed one-way system, you can vape up to 600 puffs of pure holiday feeling instead of getting your hands dirty. What if it’s empty? Then you simply send them back to us with 9 other empty e-cigarettes. We take care of a professional disposal. And on top of that there is a voucher for your next taste explosion. Vaping can be that easy!

Want more exotic adventures?
You don’t want to miss the tingling on your tongue anymore. Only too understandable. That’s why there is even more to discover in our LIMITED series: Grape and Grapefruit Strawberry are guaranteed to enchant you in a sensually sweet way. Also a great catch as a trial set!

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