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LYNDEN PLAY Starter set
The LYNDEN Play e-cigarette convinces with its excellent performance, an attractive and effective design and a very user-friendly usability. The LYNDEN Play is a very good choice for both beginners and long-time fans of enjoyable vaping. Due to the compact design (dimensions: H 122.0 mm x W27.3 mm x D 20.3 mm, it can be carried comfortably and discreetly in any pocket, the elegant design also makes it a socially acceptable piece of jewelery for women and men.

All benefits at a glance
Complete set with mod and vaporizer
Stepless airflow for direct lung hits and cheek steamers
Very good workmanship with a noble design
Easiest operation for beginners and professionals
Very good vapor and flavor performance
Top fill system

The LYNDEN Play in detail
One of the most outstanding features of the LYNDEN Play is the continuously adjustable Air-Flow Control. Regardless of whether you vape directly on the lungs or prefer the cheek puff technique, you can set the ideal strength with a simple twist of the tank. Especially as a beginner, you will quickly find the optimal setting that suits your taste and needs. The operation is very user-friendly and easy to handle even for inexperienced users.

There are 3 power levels (10, 20 and 30 watts) available, the current level is clearly shown on the display. In addition, the device immediately shows you possible dangers, such as overheating or short circuits, with appropriate flashing signals. The LYNDEN Play is equipped with a long-lasting 1500 mAh battery, which is charged via a standard micro USB cable. Charging takes place via a suitable charger or via any live USB connection, for example on the computer or the USB port in the car. The battery level is also clearly shown on the display, so you always know when the e-cigarette needs to be reconnected to the charging cable.

The PLAY vaporizer
The tank consists of a casing made of real glass and offers a capacity of 2 ml. The advantage of the glass container is that it does not scratch as easily as is the case with plastic tanks, for example. A clear advantage, especially if you like to carry your electronic cigarette in your trouser or jacket pocket, which sometimes contains keys or other hard objects. The vaporizer itself is also clearly visible in the tank.

3 different coils are available for the LYNDEN Play, PLAY 0.7 Ohm, PLAY 1.6 Ohm and PLAY Mesh 0.7 Ohm. Two coils, one each with 0.7 ohms and one with 1.6 ohms are included, so you can immediately test which coils you prefer. Filling the evaporator is extremely easy with this e-cigarette, thanks to its top-fill system nothing is lost and there are no spills. Simply unscrew the top cap and fill in. Filling takes a few seconds and you can start steaming again immediately.

The scope of delivery
The LYNDEN Play comes with everything you need to start vaping right away. The scope of delivery includes:
LYNDEN Play Mod (1500mAh)
LYNDEN Play Vaporizer (2ml)
2 LYNDEN Play Coils (one 0.7 ohm and one 1.6 ohm)
USB charging cable and of course a comprehensive user manual

You only have to buy the liquid, you will find a large selection of tasty liquids in different strengths here on our site. It’s best to order at the same time.

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