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Hooligan Hookah Special Edition White Blue


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The Hooligan Hookah lives up to its name because the shisha in the packaging looks like a baseball bat that you really don’t want to get hit by. But first to the manufacturer. This comes from Russia and has made it its goal to produce very special and innovative hookahs. The shisha is not only characterized by design, but more on that later.

Base and Materials
The shisha in the special edition has a stainless steel core, which is covered with acrylic. A direct base does not exist with the Hooligan Hookah, because the shape of the base runs into the smoke column and becomes narrower towards the head adapter. As usual with Russian shishas, ​​it is inserted into a glass bowl using a bowl seal, so you can replace the bowl at any time if the bowl breaks.

Passage and Blow-off valve
The exhaust system is visibly integrated into the smoke column and distributes the smoke in all directions when it is blown out. With this variant, the shisha is perfectly staged and has become more and more interesting for bloggers and fans over time. In addition, the Hooligan Hookah also has a close-chamber system, which can completely free the bowl of smoke by blowing it out. In addition, unlike most other shishas, ​​the Hooligan Hookah does not have a diffuser and has a rather narrow dip tube, which means that you have a draft that is very similar to a traditional hookah.

Charcoal plate and Design
The charcoal plate has a motif that represents a wire fence and thus meets the image of hooligan very well. In addition, Russian words are engraved that mean something like “I’m a hooligan too”. Thus, the design in combination with the charcoal plate is well thought out and thus reflects the company philosophy of Hooligan Hookah.

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