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Hawk Hookah is a very young and modern company from Russia. Hawk hookahs are characterized by innovative product features and stylish product designs. This set includes a bowl, matching mouthpiece and silicone hose.

The innovative blow-off concept in particular caused a stir in the shisha scene. Unlike conventional hookahs, the blow-off valve is not on the base, but below the charcoal plate. The smoke is directed upwards within the smoke column and exits below the charcoal plate. A second charcoal plate enhances the effect of the smoke play during the blow-off.

Unique design and convincing quality! The Hawk Hookahs are traditionally made in Russia. Some elements are manufactured industrially and others by hand.

The Hawk Hookah One series uses a combination of a plastic base, stainless steel immersion tube and a wooden smoke column.

Our personal highlight is the blow-off. This is located above the column of smoke. The two differently sized charcoal plates create particularly beautiful smoke effects. With the adjustable diffuser, you can playfully control the intake behavior and volume. If you screw the diffuser to the down tube with the holes facing up, you can’t lose it if you don’t want to use this function.

Thanks to the customer-friendly plug-in system, the shisha can be assembled and used very quickly.

Scope of delivery
Hawk hookah whistle
Plug-in bowl
Hose adapter
Dip tube with detachable diffuser
Unscrewable diffuser
Silicone hose
Clear bowl
2 coal plates
Column of smoke
Head adapter
Head gasket

Technical specifications
Total height: approx. 55 cm
Bowl neck diameter: approx. 4.5 cm
Glass height: approx. 27 cm
Material: Stainless steel, Plastic, Wood
Made in Russia

Blow Off: Plate
Number of base connectors: 1
Bowl: Clear
Diffuser: Included 
Complete set: With (hose+mouthpiece)

Additional information

Weight 3 kg


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